An embarrassing video featuring New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft hit the internet on Wednesday.

In what seems to be an audition tape for some kind of acting job, Kraft practices lines with actress Ricki Noel Lander.In the video, Kraft uses multiple expletives, dances, and even punches a third actor.

Lander appeared at a playoff game between the Celtics and Heat. She has been described by some media publications as the owner's girlfriend, though Kraft has publicly called her his pal.

At 32 years old, Lander is an actress, though she hasn't had any major roles. She's appeared in shows such as Ugly Betty, CSI, Prison Break, and True Blood. She also played a flight attendant in Iron Man.

Kraft's wife died in 2011, and he has reportedly started seeing Lander a few weeks before he took her to the postseason game. Kraft is 39 years older than Lander.

Below are some pictures of Ricki Noel Lander.