Zeddie Watkins Little, more popularly known as the Ridiculously Photogenic Guy, had remained the sweetheart of the Internet for more than a week. He even appeared in ABC's breakfast show, Good Morning America, on Wednesday with Will King, the photographer who took his photo. But the stardom that Zeddie gained, thanks to his random photo, seems to get covered up by another set of photos of a little puppy.

Yes, taking the legacy of the ridiculously photogenic memes forward, a new Internet meme is born as the Ridiculously Photogenic Puppy. Well, the puppy might not belong to Zeddie but it also looks very adorable, and hence ready for its own meme.

The new meme also includes a series of captions, explaining why this little puppy is extremely cute.

Here're some of the captions:

Used as seeing-eye dog... Owner regains sight.

Poops on neighbor's lawn complain that you picked it up.

Wins Westminster Dog Show... Never entered.

Bites child in park... Child gets banned from park.

Start the slideshow to get enticed by the charm of this ridiculously photogenic puppy.