Rihanna and Chris Brown have been making headlines all year with rumors that the two star-crossed R&B stars are secretly dating after breaking up in 2009 when Chris Brown physically abused Rihanna while driving his car and was subsequently arrested and put on probation, according to police reports that leaked earlier this year. Now, Rihanna's brother, Rorrey Fentey, has stepped forward to shed some light on their relationship, telling Heat Magazine that they were like soul mates.

'Rihanna and Chris were great together, they were like soul mates, but it's a very sensitive subject - I just blank it out and I think she blanks it out, too, RiRi's brother said in the newest issue of the magazine.

Recently,  Rihanna and Chris Brown appear to have reunited professionally to collaborate on a pair of tracks, with rumors spreading that they may share the stage this summer at Supafest in Australia, while romantically Chris Brown is still involved with Vietnamese model Karrueche Tran, and Rihanna has been linked to Ashton Kutcher.

However, Rorrey Fentey also made sure to note that Rihanna is not hung up on her ex-boyfriend.

When she looks unhappy, it's not because of her missing Chris, it's because of how hectic her lifestyle is - she sometimes does 13-hour days. He said.

He also talked about romantic Rihanna's hopes for the future and trouble meeting the right guy:

I'm really proud of her. I just want her to be happy. She has talked to me about getting married and having children. She plans on settling down, but she wants to focus on her career... She needs a man who likes to do the stuff she likes doing, someone laidback and fun-loving.... There are a million guys across the world waiting to take her out, but she says they are more intimidated by her than anything else... I've always been protective of her. Certain guys will be looking at her or coming on to her, and I tell them to move away and be careful not to bother her.