During happier times.

Given all the rumors swirling you'd be forgiven for thinking that they've officially reunited as a couple, but Chris Brown and Rihanna have not yet publicly announced their new relationship -- so what are they doing picking baby names and talking about looking for houses to live in together in L.A.?

That's what Star magazine is reporting, at least. Buried in their exclusive about the two planning a wedding, the house hunting and baby name news wasn't widely repeated, but the gossip rag did throw it in at the end of the article.

They're planning to go house hunting in L.A. soon, and they're even talking about baby names, the insider source reportedly told Star.

But is it true?

Star magazine is known as one of the less reliable tabloid magazines, and Gossip Cop, which reported on the Star article, doesn't buy it, giving it a 1 on a 1-10 rumor-or-truth scale:

A wedding, a house, children... is the onetime couple really set for a secret ceremony this month and married life, as the magazine alleges?


The engagement/wedding report is not true, a member of Brown's camp tells Gossip Cop.

While it's true Rihanna and Brown have grown closer again in recent weeks, it's absolutely not the case that they're preparing to marry.

A member of Brown's camp is not exactly the most disinterested source, but given how few other media outlets are picking up on the story, Gossip Cop may not be the only one who doubts the veracity of the story.

What does seem true, though, is that the two really are back together – in addition to the avalanche of anonymous reports, there were also a few sightings of the two getting cozy together at Rihanna's Valentine's Day party last month, and the musical collaboration and tweets strongly hit at a romantic reunion.

But a wedding, house, and baby names? It may be a celebrity gossip writer's dream, but dreams don't always come true.