Pop superstar Rihanna after being beaten by Chris Brown in 2009

Are Rihanna and Chris Brown getting back together? That's the question everyone's been asking after a few days of heavy signals that yes, the once-estranged entertainment supercouple are indeed getting back together.

The latest piece of evidence is the news, broken by MTV, that Rihanna's highly anticipated remix of Birthday Cake will feature vocals by Chris Brown, who pleaded guilty in June 2009 to beating then-girlfriend Rihanna. According to the recently leaked police report, Brown sped away with Rihanna after a dispute, and while in the car, punch[ed] her in the face with his right hand while steering the vehicle with his left hand.

Chris Brown's verses, leaked today, include the lyrics: Girl, I wanna f--k you right now. Been a long time, I've been missing your body, and Rihanna sings at one point, Remember how ya did it? Remember how ya did it? which prompted BuzzFeed contributor Matt Cherette to tweet, Yes, Rihanna, we remember. Do you? along a link to the infamous leaked police photo of Rihanna's face after she was beaten by Brown.

While the yet-unreleased collaboration is generating a lot of buzz, Sandra Rose is claiming that she hears that Def Jam is reconsidering releasing the song given all the negative press about Rihanna getting back together with Brown:

According to my very credible record label source, Rihanna's next single, Birthday Cake, is in jeopardy of being shelved due to the controversy surrounding Chris Brown's feature on the track.

The much talked about Birthday Cake remix is the full length version of the interlude off Rihanna's gold album, Talk That Talk.

Due to popular demand, the track was revamped and Rihanna's abusive boyfriend was added to the mix. But the response to the news that Brown is on the single has reverberating online. Many of Rihanna's million strong 'Rihanna Navy' say RiRi is committing career suicide if Brown is left on the track.

I reached out to my source last night to confirm or deny new reports that Brown was no longer on the track. My source confirmed that - yes - Brown IS featured on the Cake remix, which was scheduled to drop tomorrow. But my source added that Roc Nation is debating shelving the remix because of all the controversy.

According to my source, Rihanna herself is anxious for the track to be released - in its present form - with Chris Brown's vocals intact.

Sandra Rose also wrote the following in the same entry about the couple's relationship:

According to my source, Rihanna and Chris Brown are in constant contact with each other via text message and phone calls, while she's in London. My source disputed reports that Brown and his long-suffering girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, were happy together.

She's young... can't really expect anything different, said my source, referring to Karrueche, whom my source says is in denial about Rihanna and Brown.

My informant added that Rihanna and Brown couldn't resist each other at her birthday party at the famous Hearst Mansion in Beverly Hills last week: They were dancing and kissing at her party all night. 

Chris Brown reportedly brought girlfriend Karrueche Tran to Rihanna's Valentine's Day party in Beverly Hills, but left her in the car in case he didn't get lucky with Rihanna.

But, given TMZ's report, it looks like that his back-up girl went unused:

Sources tell us, Chris refused to enter the private party Monday night at the famous Hearst Mansion in Beverly Hills until everyone signed an NDA—sending his henchmen in beforehand to gather every partygoer's signature.

We're told although they didn't get EVERYONE to sign—Chris eventually walked in ... and spent a huge chunk of the night nuzzling up against Rihanna. 

And then there were these tweets today: