Eyyo Rihanna – I'mma need you to sit! First she was tweeting sexually-laden pictures of herself at Coachella, and now she's got a minor drug scandal on her hands! We know you're torn up about all this Chris Brown drama, but dayum gurl, you gotta chill out for a sec!

width=398Over the weekend she tweeted a photo of her sitting on the shoulders of her bodyguard, but then she took it to another level by posting a photo on Instagram of her...chopping up lines of powder on his head? Rolling a blunt? It's hard to say what exactly it is, but it sure looks incriminating!

She was also photographed by Getty hitting what appears to be the butt end of a blunt (why not just roll another, RiRi?? Don't burn your fingers!).

This is, of course, not the first time Rihanna's been photographed with illegal substances. Two months ago in Hawaii she was caught by the paps smoking a blunt (this one a bit longer) on the beach. And then there was her 24th birthday party, when her friends had a cake made depicting Rihanna (or Robyn, her real name) literally riding a giant flaming blunt (and not in an entirely unsexual way!).

But now the question is – what is that on her head, and what's she doing with it?? Festivals like Coachella are notoriously drug-soaked, so it could be pretty much everything, but let's analyze the possibilities.

The most obvious answer – and the one the gossip rags have focused on – is cocaine. But given how precariously it's perched on his head, we're guessing it's not that expensive (after all, she is practically smoking her finger off trying to get every last bud of weed!). Furthermore, it looks a bit clumpy to be cocaine, which is usually a fine powder.

Another possibility is ecstasy. While it's usually known to come in a pill, at festivals a popular alternative is pure MDMA powder, a.k.a. molly. Although relatively rare in the wild, it's quite a common festival drug, and sometimes it can be quite clumpy, as shown in the photo. But why so much? A single dose is only one tenth of a gram – what she's got on his head looks like it'd be enough molly to kill her! (And, last we checked, she's still alive and causing drama!)

But we're guessing it's not actually a powder at all – it's plain ol' marijuana! That would explain the clumpiness and careless nature with which she's letting it roll off her bodyguard's head (it's much cheaper, per gram, than cocaine or ecstasy), and also what appears to be a blunt wrap in her left hand. And while the Mirror is calling it a white powder, it looks like it has a bit of a greenish tinge to us. And then the shot by Getty, in which she's seen smoking a blunt, seals the deal.

So, we're declaring this white powder not a powder at all, but rather just marijuana. Sorry Mirror – but nice try! Normally the most kosher thing for a star like Rihanna to be pictured with, but she's been pushing the limits for some time – rolling a blunt on her bodyguard's head is probably the least controversial thing she'll do all week.

But what do you say? Cocaine, ecstasy, or weed? Or something else?! (Leave your suggestions as comments!)

What's Rihanna got on her bodyguard's head??
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