Rihanna and Drake, the former couple who collaborated for the song “Work” recently, are dating again, according to the Sun. The rumored reunion has left Drake “totally besotted,” the tabloid reported Saturday.

“They’re back together and Drake is totally besotted,” a source told the Sun . “His team have been teasing him about it but nothing can wipe the smile off his face,” the insider added.

According to the report, two days before their Brit Awards performance Wednesday, Drake and Rihanna partied together at a London nightclub until the early hours. The Sun also added that the two did not attempt to hide their romance and kissed on the dance floor.

“They were like a couple of teenagers — snogging and following each other around the club,” an eyewitness told the publication. “It was like watching scenes from their new video when they danced together.”

Rihanna, 28 and Drake, 29, sparked dating rumors after the two have been seen together following “Work.” However, neither of them confirmed they were seeing each other.

Recently it was reported that Rihanna’s ex-boyfriend Chris Brown was upset with the fact that Rihanna released the single because he felt that she and the Canadian rapper were singing to get his attention. “All he [Brown] want is for them to leave him alone,” sources close to Brown told Urban Islandz. “Their relationship is history but she always have to be singing about him to get attention to her music and what makes him angry the most is when she allows Drake to rap about him also.”