Chris Brown and Rihanna
Chris Brown and Rihanna are pictured at an NBA game in Los Angeles, Dec. 25, 2012. Getty Images

Chris Brown might have thrown shade at ex-girlfriend Rihanna and Drake’s latest collaboration “Work,” according to reports. After Rihanna posted a video of her single “Work” on her Snapchat account last week, Brown took to Twitter to post two cryptic messages.

Rihanna also posted series of tweets related to the single, including behind-the-scenes photos of the music video, which was shot in Los Angeles and Drake’s hometown Toronto in January. Following this, Brown posted cryptic messages on Twitter.

Brown is reportedly upset with the fact that Rihanna released the single because he feels that she and Drake are singing to get his attention.

“All he [Chris Brown] want is for them to leave him alone,” sources close to the singer told Urban Islandz. “Their relationship is history but she always have to be singing about him to get attention to her music and what makes him angry the most is when she allows Drake to rap about him also.”

Meanwhile, Rihanna and Drake were spotted leaving the set of “Work” over the weekend. The single reportedly pays homage to the 27-year-old “Diamonds” singer’s Caribbean roots.