Notorious Toronto Mayor Rob Ford had a biopsy performed on a tumor, but the results from the test will not be known for about a week, Dr. Zane Cohen told reporters at a news conference, local Toronto news site wrote. The mayor had a CT scan done on his chest Thursday and will undergo an MRI Friday for further testing, the news site said. Ford is dealing with a “fair sized” mass. Ford is resting “comfortably” in the hospital after he checked himself into Humber River Regional Hospital Wednesday. He was transferred to Mount Sinai Thursday.

Ford had "abdominal pains that have persisted for at least three months and have become worse in the last 24 hours,” Dr. Rueben Devlin, Humber River Regional Hospital president and CEO, said in a statement.

"Examination and investigation has resulted in a working diagnosis of a tumor," the hospital said Wednesday. “The Mayor has been admitted to allow for further investigation to obtain a definitive diagnosis."

Rob Ford Rob Ford doing 'that lean' Photo: Reuters

Ford, a 45-year-old father of two, is running for re-election. In November, the mayor admitted to using crack cocaine (after he denied it for more than a year). He has since spent two months in a rehab facility. Ford claims he has not used drugs or alcohol since he left rehab.

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