Wait, fall forward and spring back? It is confusing, for some. Especially Rob Ford.

The “spring ahead, fall behind” concept is something the Toronto Mayor apparently doesn’t grasp.

He tweeted: "Daylight Saving Time starts this evening, turn your clocks back and change batteries in smoke alarms." According to Mashable, the 140-character message was on the mini-blog for 30 minutes before it was deleted and swapped with a revised.

Canadian Twitterati took the opportunity to remind Ford, 44, that everyone should instead be setting their clocks forward. Most of them, however, weren’t so kind with their corrections.

GigaOm writer Mathew Ingram directly tweeted Ford: “It's forward, you moron,” and then added the mayor’s original tweet.

Sports columnist Bruce Arthur wrote: “Rob Ford: the mayor who won't even follow the dimensional rules of time.” Then he added: “The Reporters is on TSN in five minutes, rather than an hour and five minutes from now. Alas, I believe Rob Ford is destined to miss it.”

Some people, however, just looked at the mishap lightheartedly and took the opportunity to make a joke. @JordyGold said: “Rob Ford has now flip-flopped on Daylight Saving. I can no longer trust him on important issues like how much crack is too much. #topoli.”

But in the scheme of things, messing up Daylight Saving Time isn’t the worst thing Ford has done. He has, after all, admitted to using crack.

As it turns out, Mayor Ford wasn’t even reportedly responsible for the Daylight Saving Time blunder. Dan Jacobs, Ford’s chief of staff, told the Toronto Sun on Sunday he was the one who was responsible for writing the Daylight Saving Time tweet from the mayor’s Twitter account.  “This was my error, I had just been talking with friends that it’s spring forward, and when I posted the tweet I wrote it backwards.”

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