Rob Kardashian is sick and tired of the rumors surround he and girlfriend Blac Chyna. Fans began questioning whether the couple had split on Sunday after a suggestive post from the model on Instagram. The Arthur George sock mogul is now speaking out about their relationship.

As he occasionally does Rob, 28, resurfaced on Instagram to tackle the rumors. The former "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star posted a photo of he and Blac Chyna, 27, writing that they "are not broken up." He went on to explain to his 4.9 million followers that they had simply decided that being in the spotlight so much was not healthy for their relationship. Rob closed out his message by asking fans to respect their wishes. 

While Rob claims that he and his lady friend are simply taking a time out from the spotlight, sources tell E! Online they did hit a bit of a rough patch. Sources told the publication they are currently working on fixing their relationship, adding that they recently got in an emotionally charged argument. The source claims that Blac Chyna is not ready to give up on her beau and believed that, in time, these hard feelings will fade away.

The mother-of-one took to Instagram on Sunday to post a meme about life after a break up. She joked about friends welcoming her back to "the World of H--." Not long after the meme appeared on her account Rob completely wiped his Instagram of any and all photos. While neither directly addressed the stories claiming they had split, sources told Us Weekly it was definitely over. The publication reported that Rob and Blac Chyna "were moving too fast."

News of their potential split caught fans off guard. Since going public with their relationship in January both Rob and Blac Chyna have been outspoken in their affection for one another. The youngest of the Kardashian siblings began making regular appearances in public after several months in recluse and frequently posted about his new love interest on Twitter. On March 3, Rob snapped a photo of Black Chyna writing, "love this woman" and cursing anyone with negative comments.

Blac Chyna has not responded to the controversy. The meme has since been deleted from her account.