Rob Kardashian's sisters might be known for their layers of makeup and long flowing locks, but the reality star sibling is not so interested in the glammed-up look.

Rob Kardashian acted as a judge for the 2012 Miss USA competition and dissed the contestants for wearing too much makeup and sporting too-big hair.

When Miss USA correspondent, Kelly Osbourne, asked Kardashian, I know you really don't care about style, but is there a future Mrs. Kardashian on stage? The judge replied, I mean, there's plenty of beautiful women, but... there's so much hair and makeup. It's a little too intense for me.

Osbourne instantly responded, You're a Kardashian, Rob!

The Miss USA judge's sisters -- Kim, Kourtney and Khloe -- are famous for their flagrantly made-up style. From false eyelashes and long extensions to layers of glittering makeup and lipgloss, the Kardashian girls are certainly not Plain Janes.

The Kardashians have admitted to a makeup addiction, blaming their father for their heavy-handed look.

He said, 'My daughters are going to start to wear makeup and I want you guys to look at least presentable,' which I thought was really cool, Kim recalled, during an interview with And we've turned out to be the biggest trannies because of it.

I think that we are definitely glamour girls. We love to wear makeup.

We joke and we say we are like trannies because we love hair and makeup, added sister Khloe. I don't think we necessarily need it, but we love it. But Kim, definitely, if you take off what's on her face, her face is the exact same. She doesn't need it -- it's just like a mind thing to her. She really doesn't need any of that on her face.

At first we had like publicists and people who would tell us, 'Girls, tone it down, stop wearing all the makeup,' continued Khloe. But they we would read on our blogs -- like in the comments and everything -- and everyone was like, 'What lipstick is this, what mascara do you use?' We were like, 'We love makeup -- so why try and be what we are not?'

There was certainly no shortage of glamour on the 2012 Miss USA stage. The 51 contestants each rocked dazzling outfits, opulent jewels and, yes, faces dolled up to the nth degree. The winner of the Miss USA 2012 title, Olivia Culpo, from Rhode Island, previously cited Kim Kardashian as her style-idol.

I really like Kim Kardashian, Culpo said, during an interview with Take It From Me. I mean, not really into her whole like lifestyle and I definitely don't have the ass but...yea, I like her style.