A Tennessee man has been arrested and charged with attempted murder after shooting Rob Williams, a popular television weatherman, in the chest with a crossbow during a break-in.

Gerald Delbert Taylor, 53, is accused of breaking into the home that he once shared with Williams, 43, whose real name is Robert William Batot. An altercation ensued in which Taylor fired a crossbow at Williams' chest. Williams survived the attack and said he will be back to work soon.

Thanks for all the nice messages friends, he wrote on his Facebook page. Just wanted to let you know that I am doing well. Will be back at work later this week. Thanks for all your good wished and your prayers.

According to court police reports reviewed by WJHL, where Williams is employed as a weatherman, Johnson City Police Department responded to Williams' home at 4 a.m. local time. Officers spoke with him and he said he knew the Taylor and that he had broken his home through a window. He also told police Taylor was brandishing a pistol and took a shot at him; however, he missed.

Police mobilized and went looking for Taylor. They found him on a boat dock just below the house, reported WJHL.

Police said there was a brief standoff with Taylor. They were forced to use a taser on him in order to subdue, reported the Johnson City Press.

While it is unclear at this time why Taylor shot Williams with the crossbow, the television meteorologist had taken out a restraining order against his former roommate on May 29, reported the Daily Mail. He said that Taylor had previously vandalized his car, slashed his tires, stolen some his belongings and previously threated to kill him.

The restraining order prevented Taylor from going near Williams' home on Ashworth Court or his place of employment.

On his station's website, Williams also issued an official statement regarding the incident.

I wish to thank everyone for their concern as I recover, he said in a statement on WJHL's website. I am working with police as they continue their investigation into this matter. I'm looking forward to returning on air very soon. Again, thank you for your good wishes.