Heavy metal rocker and horror film director Rob Zombie is not a fan of the skate park built near his home. According to the Associated Press, Zombie and his wife, Sheri, have lodged a complaint with the town of Woodbury, Conn., about the noise level emanating from the park.

The issue was first brought up by Sheri Zombie during a town budget meeting on June 19, HNGN reports. "I was wondering if we could designate some of the reserve to move the skateboard park that was put adjacent to my property, which [has] proved to be a significant noise pollutant and has reduced the quality of life for me and my two other neighbors that it affects,” she said, according to the minutes of the meeting.

As a result of the complaint, the park’s hours have been reduced and it is now closed on Sundays. Additionally, the town is trying to muffle the noise by using soundproofing and Styrofoam. However, the entire affair doesn’t sit well with some of the town residents.

"We petitioned and raised funds for two years to get the skate park built in Woodbury," said park co-founder Amanda Klimak, according to Gawker. "It is now in full operation and the kids are loving it; however, now the hours have been cut significantly to keep a very famous neighbor happy."

Woodbury First Selectman Gerald Stomski said the town is addressing the complaint the same way it would for any resident. "We do know the Zombies, on a side note, and they are just normal people like anyone else in our town," he said.

Rob Zombie, meanwhile, released a statement on his Facebook page refuting claims that he is against skaters or children in general.

“It seems nuts to even have to address this but I guess I will,” the music artist and filmmaker wrote. “Some really crazy articles have popped up making claims about "hating skaters" and "hating children." None of this is true and it makes me sick that someone would print such lies. There is a simple matter going on in which we are trying to find a solution that will make EVERYBODY happy. Unfortunately someone decided to turn it into a whole ugly event. What a bummer.”

“No one is crushing little people,” Zombie added in a separate post. “Just trying to fix the sound of metal ramps crashing in my backyard. Not trying to fuck with anyone, just trying to find a solution. Trust me, if this was in your backyard you would agree.