It has just been announced that Robert Pattinson 's newest film, Cosmopolis will debut during the Cannes Film Festival. The David Cronenberg shocker will be in competition with On the Road (Kristen Stewart's new film). Both films are a major departure from the couple's previous work. Cosmopolis is a raunchy thriller while On the Road is an adaptation of Jack Kerouac's sexy beatnik classic. Fans are hoping that the two will attend the festival as a couple however; they rarely attend events together aside from Twilight premieres.

This is largely because they've tried to avoid using their relationship as a means of promoting the popular vampire franchise. Though their off-screen life has been heavily photographed, they've never publicly commented on their relationship. The prestigious film festival may be the ideal place for them to become official. But alas, the public will have to hold out until May 16th when the festival kicks off. As of now, fans can expect to catch the infamous pair on-screen together when 'Breaking Dawn: Part 2 hit theaters on November 16th. This summer Stewart can be seen in Snow White and the Huntsman while Pattinson stars an adaptation of Bel Ami.

Though their attendance at Cannes has yet to be confirmed, Robsten has consistently burned up the red carpet at premieres and ceremonies. Here's a look back at their best red carpet looks!