For Robert Pattinson's fiancée, FKA twigs, music comes first and everything else just follows. The 28-year-old gave a stunning performance at the weekend's Glastonbury music festival, drawing mixed reviews.


According to Digital Spy, Twigs wore a sexy gold dress for her concert and held the audience spellbound with her performance of “Video Girl” and “Give Up.” The British singer, whose real name is Tahliah Debrett Barnett, was supported by a three-piece band and backup dancers as she wowed the audience with explicit dance moves. No wonder  critics can't stop writing about her performance.


“Elemental dance of balletic vogue moves that can be counted with the greatest art being made on the planet today,” writes West Holts from The Guardian, about Twigs' performance. He has called Twigs “the most adventurous pop star working today.”


“Twigs showed off psychosexual theatre, futurist love song and elemental dance that can be counted with the greatest art being made on the planet today,” Holts writes further, describing the Glastonbury performance. The singer/artist performed her songs “Give Up” and “Glass and Patron.” For “Give Up” she depicted a “gun battle of balletic vogue moves, with the body of dancer Benjamin Milan shot down in mid-air” while for “Glass and Patron” the songstress “turned into a tableau of shifting sexual-power dynamics.”


Twigs also thanked the audience. "I just wanted to say thank you so much for being here tonight. It means the world to me," the musician/director told the audience, according to Digital Spy. "You've given me so much support... It's amazing to be in front of you guys and share my music with you and these amazing creative people.” She also added that it's “just music first and foremost” for her and she loves sharing it with her audience.


Meanwhile, Rupert Hawksley of the Telegraph was not impressed with Twigs' performance and said she lacked in “on-stage generosity” and her performance was meant “for committed fans only.” “She delivered lunar howls over deep synths and cool beats, but the sense persisted that this was a case of style over substance,” he wrote. Other weekend performances included Kanye West, who referred to himself as "the greatest living rock star on the planet.”