British singer FKA twigs is giving a chance to a group of 20 people every day through Wednesday to watch the creative process that will lead to her Manchester International Festival (MIF) residency on July 17. The singer was spotted visiting an astrology shop in London ahead of her performance. Fans can grab tickets to watch twigs' performance "Soundtrack 7" at Old Granada Studios for a span of 40 minutes.

Though many people will grab this opportunity to have a peek at twigs' work as a director, some of the critics also came back disappointed because they mistake the show as a performance when it is actually a prequel to one of her future shows. "I'm not really a people person but ‪#MIF15 has forced me to be one," twigs said about working at MIF, according to MIF on Twitter. Robert Pattinson's girlfriend also said she finds it “incredible” to make her own work but at the same time the creative process is also very boring for her.

Twigs has a seven-day residency at MIF at the Granada Studios site in Manchester, England. The singer/director is creating “a film and new dance-based performance piece” that will be debuted in a live show, writes L'Oreal Blackett of Manchester Confidential, who also attended one of her prequel performances.

Blackett is not sure if it is a good idea for twigs to let the audience watch her creative process before the actual performance. Many people who came to watch the rehearsal saw twigs at an astrology shop in London and assumed the singer might come out with an “astrophysical theme” in her performances. But none of it was true. The rehearsal showed the 27-year-old singer giving instructions to her background dancers. She also asked for more lighting at the show. See her rehearsal pictures at the Fka twigs Tumblr blog.

Twigs, whose real name is Tahliah Barnett, transformed into the “otherworldly -- almost extra-terrestrial -- girl with calligraphied hair around the napes of her forehead,” the newspaper said. Her final performance is earmarked includes four shows Friday and Saturday. The singer is working with French designer Michelle Lamy for the show. “The world put her in front of me & it was up to me to open my eyes,” twigs said on working with Lamy, MIF wrote on Twitter.