Naki'o, a pup that lost all four of its paws in freezing water, is living a normal life, thanks to four fitted prosthetic legs.

Naki'o is the first dog ever to be fitted with four prostheic legs after losing real ones in icy water.

Termed 'Bionic' dog, Naki'o was fitted with the prosthetic legs by Christie Tomlinson, a veterinary technician. Tomlinson had organized a fundraiser to outfit Naki'o with the artificial legs and very quickly funds started pouring in to cover the expenses of the operation and equipment.

Initially Naki'o was fitted with two prosthetic legs (at the rear). However, when Martin Kaufmann of Orthopets, who designed and fitted the prosthetic legs, found that Naki'o loved his new legs so much, he gave him two more prosthetic legs for free.

The prosthetic legs are designed to replicate the muscle and bone structure of the dog's natural limbs, and so allow him to do everything a normal dog would be able to do, Orthopets said.

In the video below, Naki'o can be seen frolicking and playing in the grassy field, jumping and running on his prosthetic legs.

Go on robo-pup, enjoy your life to the full. You deserve it!