Robyn Gardner, a 35-year-old Maryland woman, is still missing in Aruba.

Her disappearance on Aug. 2 was first reported by her travel companion Gary Giordano, also 35.

Giordano said the pair went snorkeling, were separated and she never came ashore. But Aruban authorities are holding him in connection with her disappearance.

Giordano has not been charged, and his lawyer insists he is innocent.

Christina Jones, Gardner's roommate and close friend, spoke with CBS about her knowledge of Giordano and the situation of her missing roommate.

Jones said Gardner recently lost her job and was having a hard time.  Therefore, going anywhere on a trip, including to Aruba with Giordano, probably "seemed like a good idea" to her.

Jones said Gardner had known Giordano for over a year. The two were just friends and not romantically involved.

However, they had a "roller coaster friendship" that was good one day and troubled the next, said Jones.

Moreover, Jones said she was personally not comfortable with her roommate going on the trip.  She said when Gardner previously agreed to go on a cruise with Giordano and then changed her mind, she did not like the way Giordano reacted to that rejection. 

 "We can only pray that she will soon be with us and bring back the joy into our lives. She means the world to us. We are hoping for the very best outcome with the help of the international community that we will reach a favorable outcome," Gardner's family said in a statement posted on CBS.