Renee Stewart, daughter of rock legend Rod Stewart and ex-supermodel Rachel Hunter, has appeared on the cover of Hello Fashion magazine. The 23-year-old left her family home in Los Angeles two years ago and is following her passion of dancing. She is trying her best to prove that she is much more than a celebrity kid.

Stewart wants to be a professional dancer and studied at the London Contemporary Dance School. She values her “artistic family” but at the same time she craves to make a place for herself in the world. “I think that's important for any human being. But it was scary as well, moving to a different country,” Stewart told Hello Fashion in an interview.

The magazine then asked Stewart what qualities she inherited from her celebrity parents. Stewart thinks that she has “definitely got both their senses of humor, mixed together” and has started seeing “little mannerisms of my mom in me now, which is funny." But when it comes to taking advice, she trusts her mother. "She's always told me to give your all to something,” Stewart said.

The dancer also talked about her love for London, where she is staying without a car. She loves riding on buses and trains and finds the city's art galleries and music scene quite “happening.” She also loves to shop at Topshop. She leads a life of a common girl in London, minus the celebrity friends.

“I've never really fallen into the idea of hanging out with celebrities,” Stewart said, adding that she is not doing this purposefully. However, the brunette beauty loves going out with friends from her school and their favorite hangout places are in East London.

The daughter of the “I Don't Wanna Talk About It” singer also discussed why she gets nervous about her stage performances. Stewart has yet to find a thing that calms her nerves down before going onstage. Nevertheless, she believes that “nerves are a good thing” because it means you “care about what you're doing.”