Scarlett Johansson, who was just named Esquire’s “Sexiest Woman Alive,” says her fiancé Romain Dauriac has made her a jealous woman. The “Don Jon” star used to be married to Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds, but apparently he didn’t make her heart flutter like the editor of French urban art magazine Clark.

"I didn't think I was a jealous person until I started dating my current, my one-and-only," Johansson said in the interview accompanying her Esquire cover. "I think maybe in the past I didn't have the same kind of investment. Not that I liked my partner less, I just wasn't capable of it or caring that much." She was married to Reynolds from 2008 to 2010.

Dauriac, 31, had pretty much stayed out of the public eye until the two showed up together at the Venice International Film Festival in September; no one could get their eyes off of the Art Deco-style diamond ring Johansson wore. Though her engagement has been verified by her reps, the couple has not announced a date for their marriage.

Johansson seemed delighted that she had won Esquire's honor twice, but said even though she is the “Sexist Woman Alive” she might have to look for other job opportunities in the future because of her age (she's all of 28).

"I'm the only woman to win twice, right?" she told the magazine. "You know, I gotta hustle. I'm a 28--year-old woman in the movie business, right? Pretty soon the roles you're offered all become mothers. Then they just sort of stop. I have to hedge against that with work -- theater, producing, this thing with Esquire."

Johansson won for the first time in 2006. Jessica Biel won in 2005, Charlize Theron in 2007, Halle Berry in 2008, Kate Beckinsale in 2009, Minka Kelly in 2010, Rihanna in 2011 and Mila Kunis in 2012.