Ron Paul's 2012 campaign is indeed, in his own words, catching up on Mitt every single day.

Paul uttered those words at a Saturday night debate in New Hampshire. In the last two days, they seem to be coming true.

Early last week, Republican rival MItt Romney consistently polled above 40 percent and Paul below 20 percent in the Suffolk University/7NEWS poll of New Hampshire Republican primary voters.

Then, a Suffolk University poll released on Sunday showed Paul at 20 percent and Romney at 35 percent, which is a differential of only 15 percentage points.

Now, a poll released Monday put Paul at 20 percent and Romney dropping to 33 percent, which is a differential of 13 percentage points.

The New Hampshire Republican primary vote of 2012 is just one day away. Many voters, however, are still undecided.

The Monday poll, taken on Saturday and Sunday, revealed that 24 percent of voters are very likely or somewhat likely to change their minds about which candidate they will support. Moreover, about 12 percent of potential voters said they remain undecided.

This lingering indecision cast doubt on the certainty of Romney's victory in New Hampshire, which last week seemed all but certain. Now, even the media seems to be taking Paul seriously as a candidate.

Monday morning, the Texas Congressman was reportedly swarmed by a teeming mob of reporters and videographers at a New Hampshire restaurant.

This led to Paul leaving the restaurant and some of his supporters, hoping to meeting him in person, feeling disappointed, reported The Hill.