Ron Paul's 2012 presidential campaign has raised $1.2 million in the last two days through their No One But Paul money bomb.

The grassroots-focused short-term fundraisers have become synonymous with Paul's campaigning both this time around and in 2008.

The quickfire shot to Paul's coffers almost matches the $1 million rival Rick Santorum received in the 24 hours following his trifecta of victories in Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri.

The boost could not have come at a better time for Paul as his campign rolls into the series of contests scheduled for Super Tuesday on March 6.

The Texas congressman currently lags behind his three Republican competitors for delegates after a disputed loss to Mitt Romney in the Maine caucus on Saturday.

Paul, however, was attempting to take the positives from another close finish.

Our historic finishes in Iowa, New Hampshire, Minnesota, and Maine have left us with a strong foundation to build on going into Super Tuesday and the other remaining contests, Paul claimed, according to The State Column.

In an e-mail to his supporters on Wednesday, Paul reiterated his commitment to continuing on with increased vigor.

Every day, more and more Americans are realizing how deeply our out-of-control government has devastated our nation, and they're angry, The Hill reported Paul's e-mail as saying.

They're looking for answers, and my staff is ready to ramp up our efforts even more to reach them with our solutions--through more hard-hitting ads, direct mail and email, more boots on the ground, and more personal phone calls.

Paul will be in Washington and Idaho on Thursday ahead of the states' caucuses on March 3 and March 6, respectively.