Ron Paul's supporters seem to have proved once again that they want to do things differently.

They selected Star Wars movie's theme song as their campaign anthem at New Hampshire Wednesday.

Ron Paul 2012 campaign represents young generation who dare to challenge. So no wonder his supporters chose to play The Imperial March (also known as Darth Vader song) which is a war anthem.

Paul declared we are dangerous to a swath of supporters, speaking after the New Hampshire results. And the campaign song played to a cheering crowd very much reflected the same spirit.

People as well as the media were taken aback when the campaign team started playing the song, wondering why this song was being played.

The Imperial March is widely considered as evil song due to its context in the Star War series, but its essence is indeed courage, determination, inspiration, ambition and above all undying passion towards their cause. What else can describe Paul's army who are turning their campaigning in to a celebration?

This also somehow describes the spirit of Paul's brigade which was borne out of their determination to think and act differently. The plan to choose a song, which is normally considered evil, as a political campaign anthem is part of a daringly innovative strategy.

The Imperial March, a John Williams composition, first appeared in the Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back movie and since then it has been used repeatedly in the popular movie series.