The Ron Paul campaign Thursday blasted Donald Trump's endorsement of Mitt Romney in a mass e-mail to the press, branding Trump for having endorsed the arch enemy of all Republicans by previously backing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

In the email, entitled Donald Trump to Endorse Harry Reid, Ron Paul's campaign staff tore into the real estate mogul and reality TV star for being both increasingly irrelevant and incredibly annoying.

Paul's staff even asked reporters to distribute the points outlined in the e-mail before Trump's made his endorsement announcement.

'The Arch Enemy Of All Republicans'

Reality TV star Donald Trump, who endorsed and contributed money to Harry Reid and Charlie Rangel, will travel today to Nevada to endorse a Republican candidate, the e-mail began. Please explain to us why anyone would care.

The e-mail went on to dismiss Trump as the billionaire from New York, and accused him of having endorsed the arch enemy of all Republicans in Nevada, and really the enemy of all Republicans in the U.S.

The Paul campaign is making a major push in the Nevada GOP caucuses, which will be held Saturday. Reid is a Nevada Democratic senator.

Though the Ron Paul campaign did not specifically exactly which Trump-endorsed politician was the GOP's arch enemy, the e-mail's title seems to indicate that the culprit is Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, not Paul's Republican rival Mitt Romney.

The mass e-mail ended by encouraging news sources to spread the word.

Hopefully, media reports of this event will include this delicious irony, the message ended.

Trump vs. Paul

This is not the first time that Texas Rep. Ron Paul and bombastic real estate mogul Donald Trump have butted heads.

Back in December, Trump's plans to moderate a 2012 GOP debate were ruined when almost all the candidates chose to boycott the event, with Ron Paul leading the charge.

Paul's team argued that Trump's presence would rank the debate beneath the office of the presidency and claimed he would tinge the event with an unwanted, circus-like atmosphere.

Trump fired back, calling Paul a clown-like candidate and saying none of his supporters really took him seriously. The reality TV host withdrew his membership from the Republican Party soon after.

DNC Calls Endorsement 'Non-News Event'

Nonetheless, the Ron Paul campaign's fiery e-mail marks perhaps the first time a prominent Republican candidate has found so much common ground with his Democratic rivals.

Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz described the Trump endorsement as a non-news event to MSNBC on Thursday.

Donald Trump is such a cartoon character, an endorsement no matter who he chooses, is like Bugs Bunny making an endorsement, she said.