It’s official: Come January, Ronan Farrow will be a member of the MSNBC family. According to a statement the network's president, Phil Griffin, released on Wednesday, the 25-year-old son of Mia Farrow will host a weekday, one-hour segment, beginning at the start of the new year.

According to the New York Times, the news organization has yet to settle on a time slot, but it has decided it will be a daytime show. The announcement comes weeks after Farrow’s mother, the actress and activist Mia Farrow, made a bombshell revelation in an interview with Vanity Fair, admitting that she wasn’t sure if Ronan’s biological father was Woody Allen, as previously believed, or her first husband, Frank Sinatra.

Farrow, described by Vanity Fair’s Juli Weiner as “an aesthetically flawless Rhodes scholar with a knack for social media and human rights,” has already begun to accrue a steady following. On Twitter, where he regularly posts cheeky tweets about everything from politics to popular culture, he has nearly 136,000 followers.

On Thursday, after news broke that the federal government would reopen after a 16-day shutdown, Farrow tweeted:

October 17, 2013



Griffin says it’s precisely his accessible brand of audience engagement, complemented by substantial experience in politics and journalism, that makes Farrow a potential “game changer” as a news host.

“Ronan has established himself as a provocative, independent journalist capable of challenging people’s assumptions and empowering audiences,” Griffin said. “His show will be a game changer for MSNBC, representing a fresh approach to how we deliver news.”

Farrow responded to the news with both sincerity and sarcasm. "This is a new generation of news show for a new, more engaged generation of viewers. It's a show about why the news matters to you -- and what you can do to be a part of the story," he said. “I’m excited to shake up people’s expectations for cable news. And to get a ton of Twitter followers.”