Ronda Rousey made her first public appearance since her UFC knockout fight with new bantamweight champion Holly Holm. The 28-year-old MMA fighter has kept a low profile since her Nov. 15 defeat but was spotted out and about on Thanksgiving.

In paparazzi photos published by TMZ, Rousey is seen walking around Los Angeles Thursday with a young girl. On Friday, the fighter was also seen walking her dog with her boyfriend, Travis Browne. From the images, it looks like Rousey's injuries have completely healed. Click HERE to see the photos of Rousey.

According to a previous report by TMZ, Rousey suffered an injured lip following the fight and had to undergo a procedure to fix the gash.

Rousey has kept relatively quiet about her fight with Holm. Shortly after the match, she wrote on Instagram that she was doing fine.

"i just wanted to thank everyone for the love and support. I appreciate the concerns about my heath, but I’m fine," she posted. "As I had mentioned before, I’m going to take a little bit of time, but I’ll be back.” 

Rousey has yet to make another statement. Meanwhile, Holm told Extra that she was going to stay humble about her win but was also training for a possible rematch.

“She’s a very dominant athlete, a very hard-working athlete, so I know she’ll be coming back with a vengeance, and I’ll have to be ready,” the 34-year-old fighter said. “I’ll train just as hard, I’ll train twice as hard for the rematch, because anyone who has been as successful as Ronda has obviously been a champion for a reason.” 

As previously reported, UFC President Dana White said that there will "definitely" be a rematch between Holm and Rousey but has not given a date.

"It's the fight that makes sense," he said.