It seems model Roni Rose is certainly enjoying her 15 minutes of internet fame after Game 2 of the NBA finals Sunday. Rose shot to stardom when a picture of her sipping her drink — which looked more like a lascivious gesture toward Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry — went viral. She’s basking in the newfound attention, posting various social media updates, and recently revealed she would follow the Warriors to Cleveland for Game 4 Friday.

She took to Instagram to let her followers know she would be present to support her team. “I miss one game and this happens,” she said about the Warriors losing to the Cleveland Cavaliers by 30 points Wednesday. “That’s OK we’ll get them next time and I’ll be there!!!”

Rose also gave herself the opportunity to be on television again. She purchased front row seats. The image garnered hundreds of likes from her 168,000 followers.

She then shared some modeling pictures. One was a selfie and the other was a black-and-white image.

Rose denied she was Curry’s mistress after rumors swirled she and the NBA player hooked up. But the gossip continues to swirl and it’s driving him mad.

“He hates that he has to think about it. He hates that he has to talk to his wife about it. He hates that he will hear it from the fans in Cleveland, and he hates that someday his daughters will Google him and see these stories are out there and he will have to talk to them about it,” an insider told Hollywood Life in an exclusive report Tuesday. “Steph hates every second of the controversy.”

One thing he doesn’t have to worry about it what his wife, Ayesha, thinks about the scandal. She “pities that woman,” a source told Hollywood Life. Ayesha’s “not worried about that classless woman who was trying to get her man’s attention.”

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