Model Roni Rose shot to internet stardom when she was caught making an obscene gesture to Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry at game 2 of the NBA finals Sunday. Curry hasn’t directly responded to Rose, but he is not happy about her new-found fame.

“He hates that he has to think about it. He hates that he has to talk to his wife about it. He hates that he will hear it from the fans in Cleveland and he hates that someday his daughters will Google him and see these stories are out there and he will have to talk to them about it,” an insider told Hollywood Life in an exclusive report Tuesday. “Steph hates every second of the controversy.”

While rumors swirled that Rose might be Curry’s mistress, the model slammed the gossip, saying she was just caught at an awkward moment. “Sooo I was just drinking my drink and this happened. I'm just giving the boys a little motivation I guess. Go warriors lol,” she wrote on Instagram Monday. The post was Rose’s most liked picture, garnering nearly 25,000 likes from her 144,000 followers.

In a follow-up post, she shared a picture of a friend mocking her by drinking through a straw. “Back at it against with the drink,” Monica Alvarez captioned the photo.

Fortunately, Ayesha Curry doesn’t think her husband had a tryst with Rose. She “pities that woman,” a source said. Ayesha’s “not worried about that classless woman who was trying to get her man’s attention.”

Even if Rose is making jokes and Ayesha isn’t worried about cheating, the scandal is “a headache” for Curry. If that weren’t bad enough, “it is becoming a major distraction at the worst possible moment,” the source told Hollywood Life.

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