Rory Feek is settling into parenting without wife Joey Feek, but the adjustment hasn’t been easy on him. In a recent post on his blog, titled This Life I Live, the country singer opened up about raising his and Joey’s daughter Indiana after her death.

Rory, 49, wrote that in the weeks since Joey, 40, lost her battle with stage 4 cervical cancer Indiana, 2, has not asked for her. He notes that it is almost like the toddler “hasn't noticed” that her mother, who spent much of her final months confined to a hospice bed, is gone. Rory shared with readers that this is both “wonderful” and “so sad.” Still, he said this is what Joey would want — for him and Indiana to forge a close bond in the wake of her passing.

“Indy has not asked for her mama,” Rory wrote. “Not one single time since Joey's been gone. It’s almost as if she hasn't noticed that she's not here. And that is so sad...and oh, so wonderful — all at the same time.”

These last few weeks have brought with them major change. Not only is Rory now the single father of three girls, but daughter Indiana is now in school. According to the family blog, the youngest of his three daughters started preschool more than one week ago. Rory admitted that the original plan was for Indiana to be homeschooled by her mother, though “for many reasons” he was forced to switch up the plan. He went on to say that, with Joey’s help, he had found a school called High Hopes, which he took to be a sign from God. The school is located in Franklin, Tennessee, and features a center for children with various special needs including Down syndrome, which Indiana has.

“Joey had every intention of homeschooling Indy as she grew up. For many reasons. But life has changed that plan,” Rory said. “I have written before about our desire to live our lives with ‘high hopes and low expectations’…but during the month of January, when Joey and I decided we needed to start researching what and where the next-best option for school for Indy might be…we had no idea that god would lead us to a place called, of all things…High Hopes.”

Rory has been very vocal about his attempts to get back to normal after losing his wife. The Grammy nominee has said that it’s been difficult for both himself and Indiana. He is certain, however, that his wife is “looking down” on both of them.

Joey died on March 4 after a nearly two year battle with cervical cancer. Throughout her fight, Rory documented her attempts to remain an active part of her family while bedridden. She would do so by assisting in the cooking of meals or gathering friends and loved ones at her bedside. Joey also spent her time preparing for the end, planting seeds and ensuring that she tied up as many loose ends as possible while she was able to. According to Rory’s blog, in her final moments Joey asked that he gather those closest to her to say goodbye before slipping into a deep sleep.