Shanghai property developer Shui On Land partners with Ross to establish Shui On Academy.

ANN ARBOR, Mich.—In November 2008, Shanghai property developer Shui On
Land Limited partnered with the Ross School of Business to establish
Shui On Academy. The alliance is designed to provide Shui On Land with
innovative learning opportunities that drive individual and company
performance while promoting academic development at Ross.

Shui On Land is the flagship property company of the Shui On Group in
the Chinese Mainland with a proven track record in developing
large-scale, mixed-use, city-core development projects and integrated
residential development projects. Its management demonstrates a strong
sense of social responsibility in nurturing local talent, and Shui On
Land Chairman Vincent H.S. Lo characterizes the partnership with Ross
as a milestone initiative. The academy will provide quality and
systematic in-house training to staff members to ensure they gain the
knowledge they need to achieve the company's goals, as well as to
develop their individual skills and abilities.

Ross School Dean Robert Dolan describes the partnership as a natural
one in light of Shui On Land's record of innovative and dynamic
initiatives. The Ross School's educational philosophy of action-based
learning is rooted in the conviction that the best learning occurs when
the educational process is tied closely to the world of practice, he
says. As a partner in Shui On Academy, we look forward to setting the
standard for leadership development and to extending impactful learning
opportunities into the communities of which Shui On is a part.

Louis Wong, managing director -- project management of Shui On
Land, says the deal with Ross comes at a momentous time in the
company's history. We are currently planning for significant growth,
for our staff, for our projects, for our company, for fulfilling our
commitment to community development, he says. We are glad to partner
with the University of Michigan's world-renowned Ross School. The Ross
School's expertise in leadership and entrepreneurship aligns with our

The partnership also capitalizes on the Ross School's expertise
in executive education to offer various programs to Shui On Land's
partners, customers, and the communities of which Shui On Land is a

Shui On Land is one of the most innovative and visionary
property developers in China, says Melanie Barnett, chief executive of
the Ross School's Executive Education Program. The Ross School's and
Shui On Land's concerted efforts will combine our strengths and
experiences to co-create the values for education and community
building in China and the U.S.

Mutual Benefit
According to the agreement, the Ross School
and Shui On Land will cooperate to further mutual development of their
organizations, their employees, and their communities. The
collaboration between Shui On Land and the Ross School will begin with
learning opportunities such as in-house leadership and management
courses, leadership curriculum development for the Shui On Academy,
one-on-one partnering between Ross faculty members and the company's
senior executives, and action-based learning projects. These kinds of
joint projects will also enable faculty development opportunities, such
as research and case development, for Ross faculty members, allowing
them to understand economic development, management styles, and
property market elements in the Chinese Mainland.

Leadership & Community Development
Both organizations
will co-host large-scale public events focusing in two thematic areas:
leadership and entrepreneurship. Activities will include conferences,
forums, and other event sponsorships. A large-scale leadership
conference titled Building, Sharing, Leading: Solutions for Tomorrow
will be held in 2009 at which experts from the Ross School and leading
companies will share their insights and practical tips about leadership
and leadership development.

Nurturing Entrepreneurship
The Knowledge and Innovation
Community (KIC), a community project promoting technological innovation
and entrepreneurship by Shui On Land, will hold its first annual KIC
Entrepreneurship Challenge partnering with Ross and several well-known
universities in the Chinese Mainland in March 2009. David Nieh, general
manager for business development of Yangpu Projects, says this brand
new initiative is for graduates and those young entrepreneurs pursuing
opportunities to realize their dreams. Prizes will include the
provision of office facilities at KIC, startup funding, systematic
entrepreneurship training, and incubation services. It also will
provide golden opportunities for the participants to network with
academic experts and potential business partners and investors. KIC
also has sponsored ?inners,? a reality TV show broadcast in the Chinese
Mainland, to enable the shortlisted participants to realize their
entrepreneurial dreams.

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