Shiri Appleby, the actress best known for starring in the television series “Roswell,” announced she’s expecting a child with her new fiance Jon Shook, Us Weekly reported.

The Hollywood star explained she and her hubby-to-be have chosen to “remain in the dark” concerning the gender of their bundle of joy, who is expected to arrive in the spring.

"He really wanted to do it, and it sounded like fun," Appleby told Us Weekly, referring to her fiance’s suggestion to keep the sex a surprise. "It's really made the whole pregnancy a heightened excitement because you just don't know what it's going to be!"

The 34-year-old actress and her partner Shook, who’s a chef/co-owner of the Animal restaurant in Los Angeles, have been keeping busy by decorating the child’s room.

Us Weekly revealed the couple has chosen monochromatic colors and a chandelier for their little one, who they call "Baby Shook."

They happily told the magazine the child was healthy.

"Thank God, knock on wood, I've had a really easy pregnancy," Appleby told Us. "I've been working out a lot just because it feels good. And I've loved it, you get to eat as many breads and pastas as you want and don't gain weight. It's been great!"

Shook, 31, has been happy during the early stages of parenthood, too.

"Right now, he's really excited," Appleby said of Shook. "He felt the baby kick the other day for the first time, and we went to that really fun, five-month checkup where you see the baby in 3-D and we were just laughing our heads off the whole time. It's just so much fun."

According to Appleby, her pregnancy has made her relationship with Shook stronger.

"When you see this guy going to all the doctor's appointments with you and you tell him you're feeling a certain way and two minutes later he's looked it up on the Internet to tell you that it's normal, you realize that you're really starting a family with somebody," Appleby said. "And it’s just -- there's no way to look at that person and not be more in love."