Prince Albert and Princess Charlene of Monaco spent the first week of their marriage in separate hotels ten miles apart, according to his palace.

In their honeymoon destination of South Africa, the 53-year-old groom moved into the Hilton hotel and the bride into a suite at Oyster Box Hotel.

Despite speculation and rumors about the couple, the senior courtier who confirmed the facts claim it was due to practical reasons the couple spent their nights apart. The Prince was in a meeting at the Hilton with members of the International Olympic Committee from July 5 to 9. For practical reasons, it was better to sleep there.

The bride's father Mike Wittstock is concerned with the sleeping arrangement.

The original honeymoon was disrupted when the billionaire prince took a DNA test to resolve a paternity claim.

Now the royal couple is planning another secret honeymoon to make up for the first, according to the palace, in a secret location away from media and onlookers.