“One Tree Hill Actor” James Lafferty moves to the other side of the camera to direct the upcoming episode of the E! original scripted series “The Royals” Season 2. Episode 7 promises even more explosive revelations and Lafferty dishes the spoilers.

Warning, this article contains spoilers and recaps for “The Royals” Season 2. Proceed at your own risk.

“This episode will be all about revelations,” says Lafferty, as he speaks exclusively to E! Online. This is an exciting comment, considering that Episode 6, “Doubt Truth To Be A Liar,” was already filled with a lot of major developments and answered questions.

“Every episode of ‘The Royals’ sort of has that, you never really know what you’r gonna find out. You never really know what cliff you’re gonna be left hanging on,” he explains. In the previous episode, Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park) finally found out that her girlfriend Mandy (Sarah Dumont) was only playing her to get to the crown jewels. She also learned that her former bodyguard, Jasper (Tom Austen), was in connivance with Mandy, from the moment he found a job at the palace.

While Princess Eleanor and Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) always knew that Jasper’s background is questionable, they didn’t anticipate that he has been planning a big heist on them. Despite his change of heart, his is one backstory that is waiting to be revealed, and the next episode just might tackle that. “There’s also a lot of information about these characters that we didn’t know about before, that’s coming to light,” Lafferty said.

Another big back story is the relationship between the Queen and Alistair Lacey. In the previous episode, the Queen learned that Lacey is still alive. He is furious about her decision to lie about the paternity of her children and is demanding to know if they are his. They both stated that their relationship has gone on for thirty years and the details could also soon be revealed.

Lastly, Prince Liam (William Moseley) finally found a small clue towards finding out about domino. He spotted a woman during his birthday party, which he remembered to have been around the night that he found the domino necklace on his neck. He will likely pursue the lead, in his quest to find answers about his father, and his brother’s deaths.