In this week’s episode of the E! original series “The Royals,” the anarchy in the fictional British Monarchy continues. Prince Liam (William Moseley) discovers new evidence that might exonerate King Cyrus from the murder of his father. Meanwhile, Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park) is unusually the most optimistic person in the family.

At the end of last week’s episode, Eleanor’s former flame, Beck showed up at her doorstep. He told her that he has left his wife for good, and that he’s finally ready to be with Eleanor. Beck’s return comes as a pleasant surprise for the Princess, who has been going through some of the darkest moments in her life.

However, his presence isn’t appreciated by Jasper (Tom Austen), who is still trying to get Eleanor to forgive him for sleeping with the Queen (Elizabeth Hurley). Now that he is working for Prince Liam, he has access to the palace and could potentially talk to her. Unfortunately, before he can get his chance, Beck’s arrival has derailed his advances.

While his personal life is in shambles, Jasper makes some progress in his professional life. After having been appointed into Prince Liam’s security detail, he has found out that King Cyrus has a body double. He has been also spending a large amount of time in a secret room inside the palace.

When Liam goes in to investigate, he finds Cyrus lying in some kind of a cryo chamber. Cyrus is forced to admit that he has been receiving treatment for testicular cancer. He also tells Liam that this is the real reason why he was missing on the night that the former King Simon was attacked and stabbed.

Liam tells Eleanor about the discovery and they both agree that even if Cyrus has an alibi that evening, he could still have something to do with their father’s death. However, Eleanor starts to realize that the truth may never come out. She tries to convince Liam to live his life and not allow himself to be consumed by the quest for vengeance. She hints about his ex-girlfriend Ophelia, when she tells him to try to retrace his steps to the things that made him happy before their father’s death.

Elsewhere, the King and the Queen are preparing for the opening of Parliament. Queen Helena has made arrangements with the Prime Minister, to pass a bill that changes the succession order. She intends to become the next monarch, in case anything befalls King Cyrus.

Unbeknownst to Helena, Cyrus already knows all about her little plan. When the Prime Minister unexpectedly turns up dead just before session opens, he tells Helena that she will need to come up with a cleverer scheme. Helena suspects that Cyrus has something to do with the death, but is unable to prove it.

In a very awkward scene, the Queen cuts a pair of panties off the dead Prime Minister, as he lies sprawled on his chair. Apparently, she played with his lingerie fetish in order to get his cooperation. Unfortunately, he died wearing a pair of her panties, and she needs to cut them off before reporting the death to the authorities.

Cyrus also decides to punish his lover, James Holloway, for "squawking" to Liam about his alibi on the night of Simon’s murder. After being held at gunpoint, Holloway admitted to Liam that Cyrus was not with him that evening. Cyrus decides to put Holloway in a cage, just to teach him a lesson.

Back with Princess Eleanor and her man, Beck, they continue to enjoy the fact that they can finally be together. They used to hook up regularly, but when Beck got married, he remained faithful to his wife and Eleanor was left heartbroken. After several years in an unhappy marriage, Beck has finally decided to leave his wife, and try to help Eleanor get out of her crazy lifestyle and discover her true potential.

“The Royals” is an original scripted series loosely based on the modern day British Royal Family. All characters and situations are fictional. The series airs every Sunday at 10:00 p.m. EST on E!.