The first scripted series produced by E! Entertainment Network Television, called “The Royals,” will air its season finale Sunday. Cast members William Moseley and Alexandra Park recently talked about what to expect in the first season's final episode.

Moseley plays Prince Liam while Park plays his sister, Princess Eleanor. Both characters have shown their good and dark sides throughout the season, but Park says that the entire series has taken a darker path than she expected. “From about episode 7, the show sort of turns down a darker path than it originally started out on and it continues in that dark path,” she told E! News. Moseley agreed with her but he talked about the lighter side of things.

“Obviously there’s hope, redemption,” Moseley said. He explained about some seeds that were sown earlier in the season that would produce benefits in the season finale. With everything falling apart around their characters at the moment, Moseley’s words hinted that it won’t all be bad news in the end.

Both Prince Liam and Princess Eleanor are taking their path to redemption after having messed up in a royal way for most of the season. Party girl and drug addict Eleanor is now on a mission to find out what really happened to their deceased older brother, Prince Robert. She hopes to uncover the truth -- even if it means putting herself in danger by meeting the man who claims to have murdered Robert.

Meanwhile, Prince Liam had a major drunken breakdown in the last episode. He has been stripped of his rights as Prince Regent, but the season finale will reveal if he will manage to pick himself up again to fight for the throne. The siblings also need to protect their father who is still recovering from a vicious attack. The perpetrator has not been caught and they know that there are just as many threats from inside the palace walls as there are from the outside.

“The Royals” is a drama that's entirely fictional but is based loosely on the modern-day British royal family. Other cast members include Merritt Patterson, Tom Austen, Oliver Milburn and Elizabeth Hurley.

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