With his recent string of promotional appearances for "Cosmopolis," all eyes have been on Robert Pattinson - reportedly including Liberty Ross, wife of Rupert Sanders.

PerezHilton.com is reporting that Ross, wife of "Snow White and the Huntsman" director Rupert Sanders who was caught cheating with Kristen Stewart, is "impressed" with Pattinson.

Liberty Ross, who played Snow White's mother in the film with Stewart, has kept relatively quiet since photos detailing the "Twilight" star's affair with the married director were published. Now, a source close to British Vogue model is saying that she is commending Robert Pattinson on his recent promotional interviews.

"Liberty commends Robert for going out and putting on a brave face in the middle of all the drama he was dragged into," the source explained. "She actually watched his interview, I think it was 'The Daily Show' one or 'GMA' but I know she saw one if not both of them and was really touched that Robert was able to handle himself so well when all the interviewers wanted to know was about the cheating affair."

Pattinson and Liberty share the innocent victim card in the whole "Trampire-gate" situation. The source continued that Liberty is proud of him, and thinks that he has courage. "It takes a lot to go out there and confront these things head on, especially if you're the victim and innocent in it all," said the source. "He has class I tell you, just like Liberty."

Robert Pattinson isn't the only one with courage. Reports have been circulating of Ross meeting with divorce lawyers and other's saying that that she is attending couple counseling with Sanders. No matter what the truth may be, Liberty Ross has remained silent with her head up.

Without as much as a single word, Ross took to her blog on the British Vogue site Monday to post a picture of an Ecuadorian condor in flight.  The photo of the bird is the first post that Ross made since July 4, when she published a string of photos from her Hawaiian vacation.

"We are getting some R&R on the north shore of Oahu after a lengthy press tour for 'Snow White & The Huntsman.' It's so beautiful here -we are staying in an artists house right out on a point with waves crashing either side of us," Ross had posted with the pictures. "Our days are spent lolling under the most vibrant rainbows you've ever seen, collecting shells and swimming with turtles. It's gorgeous!"

Liberty Ross' post of the Ecuadorian condor seems to be a far cry from what she had previously published on the blog prior to her husband's affair with Kristen Stewart.

The Daily Mail believes that the cryptic photo on the updated blog further fuels the claims that Ross is going through with a divorce from Sanders, and returning to the UK with their two young children.