The Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd and his team have gone to regional Australia to share the information regarding new and upgraded cancer treatment facilities for certain bush centres.

As announced in the last year's budget, the fund for the cancer treatment facilities will carry a total $560 million.

On Wednesday, Rudd was in Townsville promoting his health and hospital reform plans.

The government is continuously releasing health announcements as part of its strategy to win over premiers to the plan that would see the commonwealth take over majority funding of public hospitals.

They need to be on board before the meeting of the Council of Australian Governments on April 19.

Mr Rudd said in a statement, patients in the bush had higher mortality rates with some cancers.

With some cancers, patients from rural areas are up to three times more likely to die within five years of diagnosis than their urban counterparts, said Rudd.

Regional Cancer Centres will enable regional Australians to receive care closer to home and their community.

Mr Rudd announced funding for a new Townville facility and Health Minister, Nicola Roxon is selling similar approach in Ballarat.

Other ministers and parliament secretaries are carrying out the same strategies on their patches around the country.

The government will announce the remaining successful regional cancer centre projects over coming weeks, said Rudd.

A total of 20 regional cancer centres is expected to be funded by the government.