English comedian Russell Brand isn’t known for his intellectual prowess so much as his wit and roguish personality, but after his appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Monday, it appears he might be just as qualified to work as a broadcast journalist. After a series of inane questions and rude remarks from the “Morning Joe” staff, Brand essentially hijacked the show and turned it into a one-man lecture on how to run a news show.

Brand ostensibly appeared on Monday’s “Morning Joe” to promote his new worldwide comedy tour “Messiah Complex,” but co-host Mika Brzezinski and panelist Brian Schactman seemed completely distracted by his clothes and accent. When asked about the focus of “Messiah Complex,” Brand was ready to explain in detail, but the “Morning Joe” crowd couldn’t seem to muster an intelligent response.

“I’m talking about Malcolm X, Che Guevara, Gandhi and Jesus Christ and how these figures are significant culturally and how icons are used and appropriated to designate consciousness and meaning, particularly posthumously,” Brand explained.

The “Morning Joe” crew apparently weren't expecting a “serious” discussion and instead switched gears to discuss Brand’s accent and appearance. At one point, the panelists even call him “Willi Brandt” (the late West Berlin mayor and West German chancellor). By the six-minute mark in the video, Brand began openly insulting the team’s journalistic ethics. 

A minute later Brand practically hijacked the broadcast and took on the role of news host, throwing out Edward Snowden’s recent NSA intelligence leaks and Bradley Manning for discussion. Brand asked Shactman his thoughts about Snowden, but he (predictably at this point) had no response. Instead, Brzezinski quipped about Brand’s accent. 

Perhaps she just couldn't think straight: Brzezinski practically melted every time Brand spoke to her, reducing the otherwise composed journalist to a teenage fangirl. It’s a bizarre video, but worth watching just for the cringe-inducing level of unprofessionalism on display.

Earlier in the month, EW reported that Brand’s weekly FX talk show, “Brand X”, had been canceled after three seasons. But he won’t be out of the TV game for much longer. FX is already planning a replacement vehicle for Brand, a scripted sitcom loosely based around Brand’s life, similar to “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” 

Watch the full video of Russell Brand on "Morning Joe" below.