New York Yankees catcher Russell Martin received a bizarre punishment from umpire Laz Diaz on Wednesday night.

Martin wasn't allowed to throw new baseballs back to the pitcher after Diaz took exception to the three-time All-Star arguing strike calls. In order to punish him, Diaz banned him from throwing the ball back to the pitcher during the Yankees 6-5 win over the Los Angeles Angels.

He said that it was a privilege that I had to earn, for me to throw the ball back, Martin told reporters after the game. That's never happened to me before. I even told him, because there's guys on base, I like to keep my arm loose. Nope. 'I'm not letting you throw the ball back.' That's pretty strange, to me. That's a good story, huh?

Martin said the punishment began in the second inning and carried on throughout the game. The Yankees catcher said that Diaz was a d--- for his actions and that next time he would make sure to remind him that he won a Gold Glove in 2007.

Diaz hasn't publicly commented on the situation nor has Major League Baseball. The only comment from the New York Yankees organization on the situation has been general manager Brian Cashman, who simply acknowledged Martin was exercising his First Amendment rights.