Milwaukee Brewers slugger Ryan Braun, who was named the National League Most Valuable Player this year, has tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs, according to a report.

ESPN's Outside the Lines reported Saturday that Braun tested positive for synthetic testosterone and faces a 50-game suspension. Braun tested positive during the playoffs and was notified of his positive result sometime in October -- at least a month before he won the NL MVP award.

A Braun representative strongly defended the 28-year old slugger and told ESPN that Braun was completely innocent, despite the positive test results.

There are highly unusual circumstances surrounding this case [that] will support Ryan's complete innocence and demonstrate there was absolutely no intentional violation of the program. While Ryan has impeccable character and no previous history, unfortunately, because of the process we have to maintain confidentiality and are not able to discuss it any further, but we are confident he will ultimately be exonerated.

Braun later told USA Today that It's B.S.

According to ESPN, a player tests positive when epitestosterone levels are at a 4-to-1 ratio or higher. In Braun's test, Major League Baseball had the World's Anti-Doping Agency perform a second test that revealed synthetic testosterone in his system.

MLB has refused to comment on the situation because of Braun's pending appeal. A Brewers representative told ESPN that the team was unaware of a positive test and had not been contacted by the baseball commissioner's office.

In his MVP season, Braun had a .332 batting average, 33 home runs, 111 runs batted in, and 33 stolen bases. He has previously talked about never using or needing steroids to perform well.

It's never something that I sought, Braun said in a past interview with I would never do it because if I took steroids, I would hit 60 or 70 home runs.

CBS Sports' Jon Heyman reported on Saturday night that the situation might not be resolved for weeks because of the appeal.