Ryan Dunn died on Monday in a fatal car crash, but some believe the Jackass star is still alive and the accident report is just an elaborated prank of his, trying to make a jackass of everyone.

According to reports, Dunn was driving his Porsche 911 GT3 with his friend Zachary Daniel Hartwell after partying and drinking heavily at a bar. Around 2:38 a.m., the car, which happened to be (over)speeding at around 140 mph, veered off the road, flipped in the air, crashed into trees, and burst into flames. Both Dunn and Hartwell died on the spot.

The news of Dunn's death came as a big blow to many, including the nationwide Jackass fans, who hoped that this is another prank and that Dunn will make a comeback in a clever way.

And, even as the nation is coming to terms with the news of Dunn's death, some still do firmly believe that the Jackass star is in fact alive and well, enjoying the publicity and making a jackass of everyone.

Here are reasons why they believe it to be a hoax.

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