Before the fatal car crash took place, Jackass star Ryan Dunn was drinking heavily at Barnaby's and buying shots of whiskey for the entire bar.

According to The Daily, Thaddeus Kalinoski, one of the last people who saw Ryan Dunn and Zachary Hartwell alive, spent five hours drinking with Dunn, downing shots of whiskey and several beers.

He was drinking quick. He ordered for the entire bar, Kalinoski told The Daily. The crowd was just pouring in. It was a massive party, with people everywhere, drinking.

Kalinoski refers Dunn as the life of the party and admits he was severely intoxicated.

Pennsylvania's West Goshen police department has confirmed that Dunn’s blood alcohol content (BAC) almost 2.5 times exceeded the legal limit when during his crash. Though no other substances showed up in Dunn’s blood, his BAC measured .196 while the legal limit in Pennsylvania is .08 percent.

Dunn’s passionate booze party on Sunday night led to early Monday morning's fatal collision that killed him and his friend Zachary Hartwell.