Jackass star Ryan Dunn was honored in a private memorial service on Wednesday. Hundreds of family and friends showed up to pay their respects.

Among those in attendance were his colleagues Johnny Knoxville and Bam Margera and their families. Margera's parents were particularly close to Dunn and considered him a son. Margera's mother said she knew Dunn drove too fast and used to yell at him all the time about that.

Glenn Howerton and Rob McElhenney, stars of It's Always Sunny in Philaldephia, also attended. Overseas, band Kings of Leon, friends of Dunn, honored him by playing McFearless at their concert in London.

Actor Brad Pitt (who appeared in two Jackass episodes) also sent Bam Margera a message of condolences for Dunn's death. Margera and Dunn were particularly close. Margera was visibly upset when he visited Dunn's crash site.

He also led the fight against film critic Roger Ebert, who tweeted what many considered to be an insensitive comment about Dunn less than 24 hours after his death. Ebert has since apologized for the pain he caused.

Another controversy surrounding Dunn's death is that his blood alcohol content was almost 2.5 times the legal limit and that he was going 130 mph, which was over twice the legal speed limit. Dunn's fatal crash not only killed himself but also his passenger and Jackass colleague Zachary Hartwell.

A third controversy is the planned protest of the infamous Westboro Baptist Church. The church, led by patriarch Fred Phelps, said Dunn's death was God's punishment for making a mock of sin. It alleged that Dunn, through his show, used porn-level filth to make money off a perverse generation.

Westboro plans to hold its protest at Dunn's public memorial service, which will be held at a future date.

Dunn's body will be buried in his birth state Ohio, according to media reports. The burial will be a private event.

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