Ryan Gosling couldn’t wait to get out of his uncomfortable “Gangster Squad” cotton suit, but while he was trapped in it, he made sure to channel the irritation into his character’s hatred for gangsters.

The handsome actor toyed with his fans when he began to reveal how he couldn’t wait to get out of the clothes he wore for the “Gangster Squad” movie.

During a press event for the film in Beverly Hills, Calif., he explained his biggest complaint: “The wool was quite itchy, so I had a rash. I channeled that irritation into my hatred for the gangsters.”

His co-star Josh Brolin seconded Gosling’s comments, replying that the wardrobe was “itchy and tight.”

Gosling's lady friend Eva Mendez was undoubtedly there to sooth his inflamed skin and she also might have had found some cigarette ashes in his pants.

While he was researching for his role as Sgt. Jerry Wooters in the film, Gosling met the children of the man he played.

They shared with him some of their father’s quirks:

"[The children of the man I played] came to the set and told me a lot of stories and a lot of great details. Like, when he would ash his cigarette, he would ash into the cuff of his pants. Then at the end of the day, he would dump out his cuffs, dump out all the ashes."

“Gangster Squad,” which also stars Sean Penn and Emma Stone, is set to hit theaters Jan. 11.

The Internet Movie Data Base describes the film as “a chronicle of the LAPD's fight to keep East Coast Mafia types out of Los Angeles in the 1940s and '50s.”

It’s Gosling’s newest flick since “The Ides of March” with George Clooney and “Crazy, Stupid Love,” with Steve Carell.

Both movies premiered in 2011, making “Gangster Squad” his first film in more than a year.