Ryan Lochte is back home in the United States, but the gold medal-winning swimmer left his teammates back in Rio to face some tough questions from the police. Social media let him have it. 

Lochte was the subject of dozens of memes Wednesday night after seemingly abandoning his team during the height of an investigation into the increasingly confusing alleged robbery Lochte and three other U.S. swimmers said they were the victims of on Sunday. Brazilian police have detained some of Lochte's teammates in an effort clear up some inconsistencies in their accounts of what happened that night. Meanwhile, Lochte is home safe and sound. 

Here are a few of the best memes mocking the swimmer, posted under the Twitter hashtag "#LochteGate":

Brazilian police pulled American Olympic swimmers Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger off of a plane leaving for the U.S. from Rio De Janeiro's international airport late Wednesday after previously showing up at Olympic Village that morning to seize the passports of Lochte, Bentz, Conger and teammate James Feigen. The foursome reported having been robbed at gunpoint Sunday night, but Brazilian authorities say the swimmers' story does not add up. 

An Associated Press report Tuesday revealed that police had discovered no evidence to back up Lochte's version of the events. A video of the group returning to Olympic Village the night of the alleged incident appears to show Lochte and some of the other swimmers still in possession of some of the items they alleged to have been stolen. Police have also not been able to track down the taxi driver behind the wheel during the robbery, nor any witnesses to the crime and noted that there were inconsistencies between the four swimmers' stories.

Brazilian police say they are simply seeking more information from the swimmers they detained. The swimmers said they had been at a party prior to the incident and were drunk at the time of the robbery, which could explain some of the inconsistencies in their stories. Lochte has said the reason the group did not report the incident to police immediately was fear of repercussions for being so far away from Olympic Village. It remains unclear what motive the group would have for lying about the robbery.

The incident has been the subject of much controversy in the midst of an Olympics where the threat of local street crime in Rio has been a hot button issue. The International Olympic Committee initially denied the veracity of Lochte's story before walking the accusation back.