Looks like the whole I-can't-stand-his-mother problem isn't limited to the non-celebrity folks.

A Star magazine report claims that Ryan Reynolds' current main squeeze, Gossip Girl actress and Green Lantern co-star Blake Lively, doesn't exactly get along with the real number one woman in his life: his mom.

Tammy would like to see Ryan with a woman who's not in the movie business because she feels that, ultimately, actresses put their careers first, a source told Star magazine, according to Celebitchy.com. And she thinks Blake is pressuring Ryan into settling down before he's ready.

Well, that just paves the way for another round of working mom debates -- if the couple even wants to have children. Sounds like Reynolds' mom wants an old-fashioned girl who will give her lots of grandchildren.

She says when they have kids, Blake and Ryan should raise them in Canada because it's safer, the source reportedly told the magazine. Blake refuses to even consider that, saying that she has to be in NYC for work. 

Reynolds' marriage to ex-wife Scarlett Johansson has also played a factor into Mrs. Reynolds' way of thinking, the source reportedly told the magazine, even though her son and the Tony award-winning actress had a pretty amicable divorce by most standards.

It's always good to have a solid relationship with the in-laws, and it would certainly help in this case. Reynolds described his mother in a 2010 interview with GQ magazine as always having been extremely present, incredibly caring, and ready to listen.