Sacha Baron Cohen stole the spotlight on the red carpet on Sunday night at the Oscars when he decided to not only show up in costume for his upcoming film The Dictator, against the wishes of the Academy, but to dump a load of powder, or what he called Kim Jong Il's ashes, from an urn all over E! host Ryan Seacrest.

I'm wearing John Galliano, but the socks are from Kmart, 40-year-old Baron Cohen told Seacrest as he arrived on the red carpet in full costume as Admiral General Shabazz Aladeen for The Dictator along with an urn with a picture of the late Kim Jong Il with two sexy military women.

Well as Sadaam Hussein once said to me, 'Socks are socks. Don't waste money,' he said.

In his character's thick Middle Eastern accent, Baron Cohen told Seacrest that he brought along the urn so that the late North Korean dictator could be a part of the Oscars.

It gave me the opportunity to bring my dear friend and double tennis partner Kim Jong Il, Baron Cohen said before dumping the ashes all over Seacrest.

If someone asks what you are wearing, tell them Kim Jong Il.

Seacrest, out.

Earlier this week, Baron Cohen was forbidden by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences officials from wearing a costume on the red carpet as it would violate terms regarding publicity for other films.

View the video below to see Sacha Baron Cohen dump Kim Jong Il's ashes over Ryan Seacrest.