Saffron extract recently made headlines after television's most popular doctor, Dr. Mehmet Oz, promoted the supplement on his show. Dr. Oz revealed saffron extract as a natural appetite suppressant. You crave carbohydrates. Why is that? asked Dr. Oz on his talk show. When take carbohydrates and put them up in the mouth you are actually turning on chemicals in the brain... They turn on this pleasure sensation, this craving you have, and they give you the satisfaction from doing this and relief.

A saffron extract supplement will go into your intestinal system, go into your brain and stimulate the same feeling an emotional eater would get from eating, say, carbohydrates. It gives you that feeling of relief without that short-term hit from the carbohydrates. So, when you see food, you don't have to put it in; you don't feel addicted to put it in there. You have the ability to say 'no.'

Belly fat is one of the most problematic symptoms obese women over the age of 40 complain about. Belly fat is exacerbated by poor diet and overeating. Appetite suppressants can be pivotal in helping to eliminate that fat.

Here is a list of seven natural appetite suppressants that can help curb overeating and aid weight loss.

Saffron Extract

Saffron extract, a natural spice use for seasoning, fragrance, due and medicine for over three millennia, will annihilate your urge to over-eat. Though Dr. Oz had never heard of this miracle appetite suppressant before, he revealed how saffron extract prevents over-eating, which is (of course) related to weight gain. According to a study in Whole Foods Magazine, 100 percent of women who took the saffron extract supplement reported decreased hunger. Dr. Oz recommended prospective users must look for a special blend called Satiereal. This particular variation was used in the studies Dr. Oz looked at. Those studies called for 88-90 mg, twice a day. According to Dr. Oz, saffron extract costs approximately $30 for one month's supply.  


XanoLean was released in February by FirstFitness Nutrition. It is marketed as the world's first nutraceutical formula to solve the problem of food addiction and breaking the cycle of compulsive overeating. XanoLean, a natural, nutrient-rich, botanical formula works as a powerful appetite suppressant producing a completely satisfied feeling while eating less food, but produces none of the jittery side effects associated with many other weight loss products. XanoLean can be purchased on for $69 for 90 capsules.


Hoodia gordonii is a plant similar to the cactus and is from the Kalahari Desert in southern Africa. According to, Hoodia has been used by the San Bushman for centuries to successfully combat hunger during long hunting trips through the sweltering desert. The Hoodiamax supplement can reportedly help you lose one to six-pounds per week. However, notes that the Hoodia supplement may take a few days to begin working.


Flaxseeds are derived from the Linum usitatissimu plant. According to, it is a powerful natural appetite suppressant. Flaxseeds support weight loss in this way. They are also a good source of dietary fiber and omega-3 fatty acids. They can be sprinkled on yogurt or cottage cheese for a delicious, healthy snack. However, recommends the use of caution as excessive flaxseed ingestion can increase bowel movements and cause gas and abdominal pain.


Ginger has been consumed by numerous cultures over the centuries for its healthful properties. Ginger has amazing digestive powers. According to Shape magazine, ginger works as a stimulant to energize the body and improve digestion; thus, making you less hungry. Ginger is a natural, inexpensive appetite suppressant that can be purchased at your nearest grocery store. What is even better is that it can be mixed into a myriad of delicious dishes - from ginger carrot soup to ginger chicken to ginger cookies. Check out these great recipes from the Food Network.

Umeboshi Plums

Plums are one of the best fruits for losing weight, according to Plums can either be fresh or dried; when dried they are prunes. Both sorts will contain the same appetite suppressant properties, according to NutritionData cites that a one-cup serving of pitted prunes contains 144 grams of water (and water is another natural appetite suppressant!). This allots for nine percent of the daily recommended amount. Umeboshi plums are pickled plums. The sourness of this fruit can help decrease sugar cravings. They are very popular in Asian culture and can be purchased at Asian supermarkets.


Almonds are another great natural appetite suppressant. Rich in antioxidants, magnesium, protein and vitamin E, are a healthy snack that are great between meals. They have been proven to increase the feeling of fullness and help weight management according to a 2006 study presented at the Obesity Society Annual Scientific Meeting, reported Shape magazine. However, make sure to opt for plain, blanched almonds. The coated varieties can be high in sugar, sodium and calories.