Get ready, kids of the ‘90s, Sailor Moon will be fighting evil by moonlight once more. The hit Japanese anime series is making a comeback in its original unedited form, VIZ Media announced in a press release on Monday. The 200 episodes of “Sailor Moon,” a show about teenage girls who use their superpowers to conquer evil, will be available for viewing on Hulu Plus. But that’s not all; Hulu will also stream a new spinoff series called "Sailor Moon Crystal," which is to start this fall.

There were some changes made to the series when it ran in the U.S., CNET wrote. The show’s gay and lesbian characters and some other content were deemed questionable for U.S. viewers and were changed so it could run on Cartoon Network.

In Japan, however, the characters who were women on the U.S. version were actually men. This led to entire seasons of the program not airing in the U.S. because of its “questionable” content, but on Hulu, this supposedly objectionable dubious content will be included.

The general manager of “Sailor Moon’s” animation studio is thrilled for the show to return.

"We're pleased to partner with VIZ Media to bring the beloved 'Sailor Moon' anime series back to North America," Masayuki Endo of Toei Animation Inc. said in the press release. "This fresh uncut and uncensored release of 'Sailor Moon' featuring the most accurate adaptation available will be just as creator Naoko Takeuchi intended. We look forward to fans current and new discovering and falling in love with this classic series all over again!"

Brian Ige, VIZ Media vice president ofaAnimation, referred to the show as revolutionary. "'Sailor Moon' was groundbreaking in the way its storyline and main characters resonated with both a male and female audience, and these aspects continue to attract a new generation of fans eager to see this iconic series," Ige said. "We're thrilled to be able to release this empowering action title uncut and in its entirety. We invite fans to catch the official premieres on Neon Alley and to enjoy the series on DVD and Blu-ray later this year!"

Four remastered, subtitled episodes of the show are already available on Hulu. Two more episodes will be released each Monday starting May 26. A DVD/Blue-ray box set will be available this fall, according to

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